Skin protection
In the case of UV exposure


  • Water proof, white, well-absorbing spray emulsion
  • UV-A- and UV-B-protection
  • Very high light protection (UVB SPF 50+)
  • Slight, easily absorbed formulation, therefore also ideal for large areas
  • Provides moisturizing glycerin and vitamin E
  • Convenient overhead pump for comfortable full body application
    (e.g. even back, legs)
  • Without alcohol

Area of use

Highly effective UV spray emulsion for UV stresses

Area of application

Employees who are exposed to increased UV radiation due to long term or frequent time spent outdoors. They are particularly at risk of squamous cell carcinoma, and its preliminary stages (recognised as occupational illness OI No, 5103 since 2015).


  • 6 x 200 ml spray bottle
    6 x 200 ml spray bottle
    (Item no.: 102231
    past Item no.: 10633