Herwederm sensitive range

Skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care for sensitive skin.

More and more people suffer from very sensitive skin. Physical, chemical or even mental stresses and other harmful environmental influences are the cause. Especially in the work place, this can increasingly lead to skin problems.

Especially for these sensitive skin types, we offer a professional skin protection concept, with the HERWEDERM SENSITIVE RANGE with three compatible special preparations for skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care.

The HERWEDERM SENSITIVE RANGE is hypoallergenic (free from dyes, fragrances and preservatives*); skin compatibility was successfully tested on sensitive skin types (atopics).

Therefore, we recommend the products for all sectors and areas of work, especially for people with sensitive skin, and when skin problems appear. The products in the HERWEDERM SENSITIVE-RANGE are suitable for general use, particularly in the food sector, in hospitals, in senior and care homes and in precision mechanics and electrical engineering.

You can find detailed information on the three products under skin protection (HERWEDERM PROTECT SENSITIVE), skin cleansing (HERWEDERM CLEAN SENSITIVE) and skin care (HERWEDERM LOTION SENSITIVE).


*Preservatives according to EC regulation