Skin cleansing
For special soiling


  • Not yet available in the USA
  • The „Evergreen“ of industrial hand cleansers
  • With biodegradable scrubbing agents from corncobs
  • Free of plastic scrubbers
  • Natural cleansing ingredients
  • With fresh citrus fragrance
  • With caring Panthenol for a pleasant and smooth skin feel
  • Free of Parabens, solvents and soaps (fatty acids)
  • Dermatologically tested, ph-skin neutral
  • High viscosity
  • Does not clog sink pipes
  • Fits various dispenser systems

Area of use

The finely tuned system of select surfactants in VERTURAN NATUR creates a strong and reliable cleaning power. For heavy-duty grease and grime.

Area of application

Machine and tool building, construction, automotive repair, general maintenance, agriculture and landscaping.


  • 36 x 350 ml tin
    36 x 350 ml tin
    (Item no.: 10568)
  • 10 L bucket
    10 L bucket
    (Item no.: 10529)

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