Skin cleansing
Slight soiling


  • Not yet available in the USA
  • Without fragrances, dyes and preservatives (preservatives acc. to EC regulation)
  • Excellent skin compatibility tested on atopics and confirmed in the BUS model
  • for very mild hand and whole body cleansing
  • with a high content of moisturizing substances

Area of use

Washing liquid for extremely sensitive skin types

Area of application

Universally usable special cleansing preparation recommended for all sectors and areas of work, for people with sensitive skin, and the appearance of skin problems. Suitable for general use, particularly in healthcare, the pharmaceutical sector and food sector, as well as precison mechanics and electrical engineering.


  • 25 x 250 ml bottle
    25 x 250 ml bottle
    (Item no.: 118832
    past Item no.: 10499
  • 4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    (Item no.: 118810
    past Item no.: 11005
  • 6 x 2000 ml pouch bottle
    6 x 2000 ml pouch bottle
    (Item no.: 118821
    past Item no.: 10498