Skin protection
Changing working materials


  • Proven film building agent to protect skin against water-soluble and water-insoluble skin hazards
  • Well suited for work environments where skin contaminants vary
  • Improved grip due to non-slippery, flexible film agent
  • Contains skin soothing and caring ingredients
  • Specially formulated foam allows excellent spread of product
  • Prevents the adhesion of dirt
  • PEG and Silicone free, free of plastic beads
  • Silicone free formula helps prevent fingerprints, lightly scented
  • For all skin types, ph-value approx. 5.5
  • Reapply after contact with water to retain full protection effects
  • Skin compatibility was dermatologically confirmed even for stressed, damaged skin
  • Very economical (1 L refill provides about 2500 applications)
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Technische Daten

HERWEFOAM ALL-IN-ONE is a special before work cream that defends against oil and water-based contaminants. Also prevents fingerprints and can be used under gloves.

Area of application

Suitable for universal use. Typical areas of use are in metalworking, plastic, chemical and electromechanical industries.


  • 4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    (Item no.: 101210
    past Item no.: 11018