Skin protection
Changing working materials


  • Cream that absorbs well
  • With dual action principle
  • Excellent protective effect
  • Slightly greasy
  • Slightly fragranced, silicone-free

Area of use

Protective cream when dealing with water soluble and/or water insoluble working materials

Area of application

Not clearly defined skin stresses and frequently changing work media.


  • 50 x 100 ml tube
    50 x 100 ml tube
    (Item no.: 10340)
  • 12 x 1000 ml hard bottle
    12 x 1000 ml hard bottle
    (Item no.: 11870)
  • 6 x 1000 ml pouch bottle
    6 x 1000 ml pouch bottle
    (Item no.: 11798)

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