Skin protection
In the case of UV exposure


  • Not yet available in the USA
  • Water-resitant sun protection cream, easily to spread and rapidly absorbed by the skin
  • With cosmetic oils and shea butter as moisturising components
  • Higher UV-B protection (SPF 30), UV-A protection acc. to DIN 67502
  • Contains selected light protection pigments against UV-C radiation, therefore also recommended as a welder protection ointment
  • Slightly perfumed, silicone-free

Area of use

Protective cream for natural and artificial UV radiation

Area of application

UV radiation exposure when working outside, and artificial radiation exposure due to arc welding and electric welding.


  • 20 x 100 ml tube
    20 x 100 ml tube
    (Item no.: 101901
    past Item no.: 10384