For wipe disinfection and cleaning

Herwesept disinfectant wipes are ready to use wipes, containing alcohol, for easy and convenient wipe disinfection, and hygienic cleaning of smaller surfaces, devices, instruments and objects:

  • Not yet available in the USA
  • Quick and comprehensively effective
  • Good skin compatibility
  • Can be used immediately
  • Residue free


Unscrew box lid, open keep-fresh packaging of Herwesept Desinfektionstücher, slide the inner roll end using the tear-off device in the box lid, and close the box again. Pull the wipes diagonally upwards.

Wipe and/or sufficiently moisten the object to be treated with Herwesept Desinfektionstücher. Adhere to reaction times - leave to dry completely. Not suitable for plexiglas or other materials sensitive to alcohol.


100 g impregnation solution Herwesept quick disinfectant contains: 45 g ethanol.

Use disinfectants safely. Read labelling and product information before use. Adhere to safety information. Corresponds to the requirements of the EU biocide product regulation.
BAuA Reg.-No. N-71518.


Herwesept disinfectant wipes are soaked in Herwesept Schnelldesinfektion. The effectiveness of the impregnating solution has been tested. The skin tolerance has been dermatologically tested. The impregnating solution has the following effects


Dispenser box with 120 wipes. With tear-off device and protection against drying out. Refill pack with 120 wipes. Wipe format approx. 140 mm x 200 mm. 23 g/m2. VS/PP. Wipe colour white.


  • 12 x 120 piece dispenser box
    12 x 120 piece dispenser box
    (Item no.: 131840
    past Item no.: 12930
  • 12 x 120 piece refill pack
    12 x 120 piece refill pack
    (Item no.: 131870
    past Item no.: 12931