For quick and residue-free disinfection and cleaning

Herwesept disinfectant wipes Industrial are ready-to-use wipes for quick and residue-free disinfection and hygienic cleaning:

  • Not yet available in the USA
  • Corresponds to the requirements of the HACCP concept
  • Skin tolerance has been dermatologically tested
  • The blue colour of the wipes is easily recognisable, and stands out from food
  • Non woven wipes are robust, tear proof and do not discolour

Range of effects

Herwesept disinfectant wipes Industrial are soaked in Herwesept quick disinfectant. The impregnating solution has the following effects

  • bactericide (incl. MRSA)
  • tuberculocide
  • levurocide
  • limited virucidal

Reaction times

Bactericide / levurocide according to. EN 1276 / EN 1650 / EN 13697

1 min.

Tuberculocide according to EN 14348

30 secs.

Limited virucidal (enveloped viruses such as HIV, HCV, Influenza, flu viruses)

30 secs.

Rotaviruses according to EN 14476

30 secs.

Noroviruses (MNV) according to EN 14476

1 min.

Area of application

Herwesept disinfectant wipes Industrial are excellently suited for e.g. disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-resistant surfaces and materials, e.g. conveyor belts and packing lines, containers and handles, scales and other measuring devices, work and preparation areas, machine and plant surfaces and operating panels.

Due to the formulation which is free from perfume and residue, Herwesept disinfectant wipes are also particularly suited for the food industry and kitchens.


Wipe areas and objects until they are fully moistened. Then allow surfaces to dry fully. Not suitable for plexiglas or other materials sensitive to alcohol.

Bucket with patented retrieval opening, which prevents the wipes from drying out, and allows easy retrieval. After removal of the wipe, close the lid immediately, to prevent evaporation of the solution.


100g impregnation solution Herwesept quick disinfectant contains: 45 g ethanol.

Use disinfectants safely. Always read labelling and product information. Corresponds to the requirements of the EU biocide product regulation.
BAuA Reg. no. N-71519.


Dispenser bucket with handle, tear-off device and protection against drying-out.
Contains 70 wipes. Wipe format approx. 200 mm x 300 mm. 40 g/m2. PES-perforated. Wipe colour blue/white.

Refill packs with 3 x 70 wipes.

  • 70 piece dispenser bucket
    70 piece dispenser bucket
    (Item no.: 131950
    past Item no.: 12935
  • 3 x 70 piece refill pack
    3 x 70 piece refill pack
    (Item no.: 131970
    past Item no.: 12936


Wall bracket
For dispenser bucket. Overall height adjustable to bucket sizes of 155 mm - 250 mm. Made of stainless steel. Dimensions: W 139 x H 75 x D 300mm.

Wall bracket for dispenser bucket

Wall bracket for dispenser bucket
Item no. 155105 (past Item no. 70219)