Skin cleansing
Slight soiling


  • Not yet available in the USA
  • Mild shower gel with skin-friendly tensides
  • With moisturising conditioners for gentle hair washing
  • Suitable for daily showering
  • Adjusted to the pH value of the skin
  • Slightly perfumed with fresh grapefruit notes

Area of use

Shower gel for skin and hair, and mild cream soap for hand cleansing

Area of application

After activities that make you sweat at work, leisure, sport and frequent hand washing.


  • 12 x 200 ml tube
    12 x 200 ml tube
    (Item no.: 10253)
  • 4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    4 x 1000 ml VIVA dispenser cartridge
    (Item no.: 11029)
  • 6 x 2000 ml pouch bottle
    6 x 2000 ml pouch bottle
    (Item no.: 10255)
  • 10 L canister
    10 L canister
    (Item no.: 10254)

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